Added: October 11, 2017
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Ruth Adelaide

Currently Available Senior Medium Female
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  • Ruth Adelaide

    My Story:

    ****Happy Adopt a Senior Pet Month! For the month of November my adoption fee is only $150!! ****

    I was rescued from a situation where I was severely neglected for most of my life. Even with all I have been through my spirit is not broken any my tail still works. I will wiggle waggle when shown love or spoken to softly and lovingly. I love soft doggie beds, back scratches, and rolling around in the grass with my foster brother. I also am fond of cheese and rotisserie chicken. My foster mom likes to spoil me because she says I have been through so much in my life that I deserves to experience the good life for the rest of my days!

    This is what my foster mom said about me: Ruth Adelaide is a sweet girl who loves to spend her days relaxing in one of her dog beds. She has shown no interest in toys, and little interest in treats but she loves cheese and rotisserie chicken! She's not very food motivated, she prefers to graze throughout the day rather than eat at specific times. She has pretty much mastered house training, is making progress on her leash manners, and does well in her crate although she is still hesitant about going in it at first. She's even learning to sit on command! Ruth Adelaide will do best in a home with other dogs; she gets nervous when she's alone.

    11/8/2017 update from Ruth's foster mom: Additional details about your foster Ruth is still making progress on her house training; she does well when people are home, but still has occasional accidents when nobody is home. She does not like to be left in her crate but does fine left out in the house, other than the occasional bathroom accident. Ruth loves to take her bones outside and chew on them in the sun, before she buries them in the yard to finish off later. She is still a bit timid around children at first, and can be startled by younger children but she does fine with older and gentle children. Ruth is intrigued by cats and wants to play with them, so she would do best in a home with no cats, or cats that are not intimidated by a dog wanting to play with them.

    I was named through TBR's Name A Dog Donation Program by Kathy Wisniewski for David Harris. Kathy wrote: "I would like to name a beagle in memory of David Harris's mother, Ruth Adelaide Harris. She was a special woman who lived a long and interesting life. She did a wonderful job raising her children, including my friend David."

    Ruth Adelaide is thankful to her sponsors:
    * Deborah Belanger
    * Glenda Brooks
    * Beth Campbell - From now on, may you always know love!
    * Kelly Crecco
    * Jennifer Hill
    * Kappy Hodges
    * Lucy Poynton - Feel better beautiful girls!
    * Dr Lynn Soby - Kindness is what we are measured on in Life.
    * Katarzyna Talos
    * Kelly White - I hope she and her mate find the best possible home and live the rest of their lives happy and pain-free!


    Weight: 23 lbs Age: 12 years old

    Good on Leash: yes Crate Trained: progressing House Trained: progressing
    This beagle likes:
    Medical Issues:

    Severe skin issues due to neglect and flea bites, as well as a mammary mass, a possible hernia, and small mass on her left side.

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