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Added: March 3, 2018
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  • Naomi

    My Story:

    After being an outdoor dog my whole life, I was surrendered to the Nottaway County animal shelter and with a little help from my friends at the Halifax Dog Squad I made my way to TBR. I am a happy-go-lucky, lower-energy girl - but my energy may increase once those pesky worms are cleared from my heart. I am working on leash walking - I've never done it before so it's taking me some time to figure out, but with patient owners, I will get there! However, I prefer to do my business off leash, so I need to be adopted by someone with a fenced-in backyard. You can leave me outside within a secure fence and I will just sniff and lay in the sun. I am not a digger! Also, I do not bark or bay, so if you need a quiet companion, I'm your gal! Although I have never lived indoors, my foster mom has been REALLY impressed with my house manners. I will lay quietly on the couch or on my dog bed while my humans mill around doing human things. I am not destructive - the only things I like chewing are bones and food - and I have not yet had a single accident in the house nor in my crate! When my foster parents leave for work or go to bed at night, I go into my crate willingly. I feel safe and happy there, and sometimes I go in just because I feel like it! I have been exposed to cats, dogs, and kids, and I love them all. I greet other animals on their own terms, and if they are not interested in interacting with me, I leave them alone. I currently live with two cats who I basically ignore. Every adult, kid, and animal in my foster parents' neighborhood wants to be my new best friend!


    Weight: Age:

    Good on Leash: progressing Crate Trained: yes House Trained: progressing
    This beagle likes:

    I love peanut butter for taking my medicines, or as an occasional treat! I also love belly rubs and couch snuggles! When I see you looking at me I will lay down and roll right over onto my back and wag my tail until you come love on me. I will also wag my tail and stare you down (lovingly) if I see you on the couch without me, in hopes that you will invite me up to snuggle into your side while you reach or watch TV. I also love working on commands (for treats, OF COURSE) and chewing bones. My foster mom gives me a dental chew each night.

    Medical Issues:

    I am currently being treated with antibiotics for heartworms and intestinal worms and will be available for adoption as soon as I am healthy! The vet says I have been exposed to a couple different tick borne illnesses, but they are not currently making me sick, and none of my health issues are contagious to other animals.

    This beagle is heartworm positive.
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