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Added: February 12, 2018
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    My Story:

    I was left in the overnight drop box at the Person County Shelter. My time was up and TBR stepped in and saved my life! I am a handsome, young beagle boy. I am a bit timid but warm up quickly when shown love. I love a nice comfy dog bed. I am learning about toys by watching my foster brothers and I follow them around when they play fetch. I love teats and I know the sound the treat jar makes already!

    My foster mom said this about me: Kirby is such a sweet boy! He follows his humans around from room to room. He sleeps uncrated at night, all night long in his comfy dog bed by the humans bed. He is learning to play and is very interested, so I think it's just a matter of time!

    I was named through TBR's Name A Dog Donation Program by Jenny Caveny for Matthew Caveny. Jenny wrote: “In your name for our boy. Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!”


    Weight: 17 lbs Age: 3 years old

    Good on Leash: yes Crate Trained: progressing House Trained: progressing
    This beagle likes:
    Medical Issues:

    I need to put on a few pounds and get to a healthy weight!

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