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Added: January 2, 2018
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    My Story:

    Check out my ultrasound

    I was rescued from the Tyrell County Animal Shelter. Almost immediately my foster mom noticed that I was not feeling well so she took me to NC State Vet School to be assessed. What they found was pretty terrible. They discovered that I had a ball of TWENTY FOUR heart worms banging around in the right ventricle of my heart. They were moving around so violently they were breaking my blood cells apart. The surgeon was convinced my life could be saved so they performed emergency surgery immediately. I pulled through surgery like a champ and each and every day is better than the last. Due to the extent of my heart worms, I still has several months of treatment ahead of me and I am currently taking daily cough suppressants. Once I am medically cleared I will be ready to find a home to call my very own!

    As you may have guessed, my life-saving procedure did not come cheap. In just a few short hours my bills climbed to almost $5000. If you would like to sponsor me, you can make a donation here: www.tribeagles.org/contribute every little bit helps!

    I send many beagle kisses to all of my sponsors:
    * Joan Bailey
    * The Blue’s - In honor of a great friend, Eddie and because my current foster was spared heartworms!! Godspeed Eddie!!
    * Erik & Katie Bolling
    * Kevin and Glenda Brooks - Merry Christmas to Wayne and Kaye I. Eddie feel better and have a Merry Christmas!
    * Sidney Chadwick
    * Lindsey Ebling - A gift for Jodi H.
    * Celeste Hodges
    * Janet Kelly - May he get the medical attention necessary for his well-being and may he also find their forever homes.
    * Jordan Lewis - in memory of Rusty.
    * Jessica Lianez - Hoping Eddie finds his forever home!
    * John & Janet Lowry
    * Lee Schrader
    * Ginny Sudyk
    * Ashley Troth - we hope Eddie feels better soon!
    * Jamila Wilson
    * Amy Wrather - Feel better, sweet Eddie!
    * Zina & Marcel - We wish you many happy and healthy dog years


    Weight: 20 lbs Age: 6 years old

    Good on Leash: Crate Trained: yes House Trained: yes
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    Medical Issues:

    Due to the extent of Eddie's heart worms, he still has several months of treatment ahead of him and is currently requiring daily could suppressants

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