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Added: July 10, 2017
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Available Soon Senior Medium Female
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  • Dotte

    My Story:

    Dotte was rescued from a situation where she endured severe neglect for over a decade. Dotte is recovering from some severe skin issues due to neglect and flea bites. She has a heart murmur, and some mammary tumors that will be removed as soon as she is strong enough.

    Dotte loves a comfy dog bed, and just like every other beagle, LOVES her food and treats! She likes human affection, too. She is not very fond of the medicated baths that she needs to have, though!

    I was named through TBR's Name A Dog Donation Program by Wendy R Waugh. Wendy wrote: "This is in memory of Dorothy 'Dotte' Williams of Durham. She was a beagle lover."

    Dotte is thankful to her sponsors:
    * Deborah Belanger
    * Glenda Brooks
    * Beth Campbell - From now on, may you always know love!
    * Kelly Crecco
    * Jennifer Hill
    * Kappy Hodges
    * Lucy Poynton - Feel better beautiful girls!
    * Dr Lynn Soby - Kindness is what we are measured on in Life.
    * Katarzyna Talos
    * Kelly White
    * Ruby Willingham - Praying for you.


    Weight: 20 lbs Age: 10-12 years old

    Good on Leash: progressing Crate Trained: yes House Trained: yes
    This beagle likes:
    Medical Issues:

    Skin issues caused by fleas
    Heart murmur

    Additional Photos:
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