Added: November 7, 2018
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Chipper Jones

Currently Available Adult Medium Male
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  • Chipper Jones

    My Story:

    Chipper is such a good boy! He loves getting head and belly rubs, hanging with his humans and his beagle buddy. Chipper already knows how to use doggie door and enjoys going for walks or zooming around back yard. He sleeps quietly through the night in his crate.

    Chipper Jones was named through our Name A Dog Donation Program by Kathy Wisniewski for Merry and Rob Rabb. Kathy wrote: “I would like to name a beagle is after for my sweet foster puppy Chipper, who was named after the baseball player. He was the puppy of a beagle rescued from Hurricane Katrina. I was there when he was born and was lucky enough to see him through his whole life since my friends the Rabbs adopted him. He was funny and silly and and a very good boy. We will all miss him.”


    Weight: 25 lbs Age: 4 years old

    Good on Leash: yes Crate Trained: yes House Trained: yes
    This beagle likes:

    Chipper loves human attention, hanging with his beagle buddy, recently discovered squeaky toys.

    Medical Issues:
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