12 Days of Fosters – Day 5

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Happy Holidays!
During this festive time we will be showcasing our “Twelve days of FOSTERS”. We invite you to virtually ‘meet’ some of our life saving fosters and we are hoping that their stories inspire you to join our team so that we can save even more beagles in 2016! If you are ready to join us in our mission, please fill out a foster application here:



On the Fifth Day of FOSTERS the beagles would like you to meet………

****Tina Brooks****
Tina lives in Durham, NC and has fostered beagles for 2.5 years.
Tina wrote:
“Rehabilitating and showing these Beagles love, affection and reassurance is my main reason for fostering. Knowing I will find my foster beagle the perfect home for him/her to live out their fabulous life is my constant motivation story: My very first foster was my favorite story. Honey came to me through pet sitting her. Her owners moved, leaving her with me to find a good home. TBR was contacted and were taking Honey in and place with a foster. Not being able to sleep the night before TBR was getting Honey, I felt obligated to Honey and I chose to begin fostering with TBR. Honey stayed with me for several months….she didn’t discriminate with the men she despised. We tested and tested all through our neighborhood with different men….she hated them all. Then came her first home visit with a family…husband, dad, son and a Boston terrier. We went to the home and I cringed knowing she will not like the dad. Ian was sitting on the floor when we got there…Honey went straight to him, jumped up and licked him all over the face. It was LOVE at first sight for both. I cried and could NOT have found a more perfect home for honey. Ian went blind in 1st grade…Honey must have known he was a wonderful, sincere, and very special man right away. They are all still in love 2.5 years later!”
The picture is Bogart he was adopted by Mike and Laura in 2014

Thank you Tina for your dedication to the beagles!

Foster day 5