12 Days of Fosters – Day 4

Day 4

Happy Holidays!
During this festive time we will be showcasing our “Twelve days of FOSTERS”. We invite you to virtually ‘meet’ some of our life saving fosters and we are hoping that their stories inspire you to join our team so that we can save even more beagles in 2016! If you are ready to join us in our mission, please fill out a foster application here: http://tribeagles.org/foster/

On the FOURTH Day of FOSTERS the beagles would like you to meet………

****Whitney Walker + family****
Whitney is from Raleigh, NC and has been fostering beagles with TBR for 3 years!

Whitney wrote:
“There are so many benefits to fostering
One of our favorites is the impact it has on our children. The girls love these dogs. They are so excited to watch the dogs blossom. It is a rare moment to find a child without a dog at their side. Of course, they are sad when one leaves (some of you may remember hysterical crying at PetSmart when our first foster, Bodie, was adopted). But they are also so happy that the dog has found their forever family and always desperate to line up a new fosterThe girls have also benefitted from the added responsibility, the sense of pride they get from helping, and meeting all the other awesome TBR volunteers.”

Whitney and family thank you for all you do including taking in oodles of puppies and loving them so, so much (including Harpers most recent litter of NINE!).